Your investment personality and market awareness will allow opportunities to present themselves. Then, execute.

Hi, I’m Abhi!

I host a nationally syndicated radio show on the Wall Street Radio Network, daily podcast, and weekly YouTube show.

I do all this for two simple reasons: to help you 1. find the success you’ve always wanted with real estate investing, and 2. get access to the best bank-for-your-buck opportunities in multi-family.

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Real Estate Deal Talk

This is my way of providing the best real estate investing strategies to educate investors. I also enjoy working with accredited investors on real estate deals, especially when we can see it from start to finish and build a relationship, together.

Here’s the best part: I can help you find the best deals, and trustworthy sponsors and operators so you can achieve awesome returns.

Summit & Crowne

We’re a private real estate investment firm in Atlanta geared to acquire single-family rental portfolios and value-add multi-family apartment complexes in stable and emerging markets to generate high investor returns.

My Latest Book

We decided to write this book because few investors truly understand how to put together a private money deal. Many investors don’t do enough on the front end of the transaction, and as a result, they find themselves floundering and unsure of how to proceed.

The goal of this book is to help you, as a borrower, learn the ins and outs of putting together a private money lending deal from start to finish so you can:

    1. Approach private lenders with confidence
    2. Eliminate the need to hire a private money broker
    3. Save on broker’s commission
    4. Put together a compelling package for presentation to a private money lender
    5. And most importantly – get more deals funded

If you follow the steps laid out in this guide, you’ll be in the best possible position to close on a deal, get the funding you need, and make money.

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My Goal

My goal is simple: to answer your real estate investing questions and find the best strategy to win with real estate investing.

Where Do I Do This?

On my nationally syndicated radio show, daily podcast on iTunes, and the Real Estate Deal Talk Show on YouTube.

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Word On The Street

Abhi and I have analyzed several business deals together and, without a doubt, he is one of the brightest and most astute businessmen I have worked with. His engineering education combined with his business acumen make him the proverbial "double threat". He is great with numbers and combines that with excellent intuition; not to mention an extremely positive attitude. That is what makes him successful and enjoyable to work with.

Ken Kingery
Principal, Mosaic Corporation

Abhi Golhar is one of the most knowledgeable people I know when it comes to real estate, real estate investing and watching market trends. I have been in the industry for over 25 years and many investors and realtors fail to really watch what the markets are doing - not only locally, but national trends. Abhi and I have collaborated together in a few groups and his keen understanding of the market and great personality make him someone you want to know and work with!

Lorraine Beato
Atlanta’s Residences

Abhi is one of a kind in the investment world. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that he is always open and willing to share. His passion for helping other investors is evidenced by his informative radio show, podcast, articles, and instructional videos. But don't put him in the box of some "guru", Abhi is the real deal. He teaches from real world experience with a been there done that approach. I would trust Abhi's handling of capital, executing deals, guidance, and mentorship for those just starting out.

Lauren Taylor
Founder, Capaven

Abhi exemplifies all the best qualities one would envision in a successful entrepreneur and business leader: A self-starter, a willing learner, an active mentor and a tireless work ethic that allows him to exceed expectations in every endeavor. Daily, I work with some of the brightest individuals and executives in many of the top Fortune 50 companies. Abhi's unique blend of business acumen, technological expertise and high degree of emotional intelligence put him in the same rank. I strongly recommend Abhi for his ability to consistently deliver and drive results for his clients.

Jeffrey Jbara
PWC Advisory

Abhi is one of the brightest individuals I have had the pleasure of knowing. His expertise in the real estate field coupled with his knowledge of the workings of a business have been repeatedly proven over the course of his career. On his own personal time, he has taken the initiative to help me grow my business knowledge and has helped me take the proverbial blinders off to help me see how successful businesses work.

Vijay Virupannavar
CPA, CGMA, Investor

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